mardi 30 juillet 2013

A.Hymnz - Second World

Feat. nomad, 2mex, variex, thorts, tommy v, oracy, nehoc, no one, dropjaw, tastebuds(rec&habitat , hobs sputnik, tank wonderful, and murdoc (david samuels) credits released 18 June 2013 production by factor, dynamo414, wydow, variex, zoen, pierre the motionless, adv1, chukchee, dj basik, mixmaster mcdiffitt ,th'mole, mixed and mastered by Variex Album Art Work by bOilbUttzZ

Formula Abstract - Audio Autopsy Vol. 2

Formula Abstract = Moderfire & Trust One This may be your last treatment .... thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past 7 to 8 yrs! credits released 29 July 2013 recorded 2006/2007 Cover art: Tha Motive Mixing: Trust One Mastering: Deeskee ( 1. Evacuate the Building: Dr. Zarkov -Trust One - Moderfire , Prod. by Mr. Ridley 2. Gone Psychotic: Trust One - Moderfire - Golden Gages, Prod. by Mr. Ridley 3. Pain Intensify: Trust One - Moderfire - Golden Gages - Dr. Zarkov, Prod. by Trust One 4. Interlude: Prod. by Trust One 5. Westcoast Diagnostic: 1019 - Sighphur One - Moderfire - Trust One, Prod. by Trust One 6. Advanced Medicine: Golden Gages - Moderfire - Dr. Zarkov - Trust One, Prod. by Trust One 7. Elevation Approximate: Stuntdouble - Trust One - Moderfire, Prod. by Trust One 8. Guided by the Darkness: Moderfire - Trust One - Prod. by Mr. Ridley 9. Vehicular Homicide: Dr. Merkaba - Dr. Zarkov - Trust One - Moderfire - Mike Tappen, Prod. by Trust One 10. Burn on Contact: Moderfire, Prod. by Trust One 11. Last Treatment (Interlude) : Prod. by Trust One, Scratches by 10shun 12. A Citizens Guide to Abstract Thought: Moderfire - Trust One - Bazerkowitz - Mr. Ridley, Prod. by Mr. Ridley F=AB REST IN EVERLASTING POWER KING MODERFIRE